Appliance Servicing provides its competitive pricing through the Blue Book of Appliance Repairs. The Blue Book follows appliance industry standards, listing prices for the most common repairs; it is the major appliance service national price guide.

Diagnostic Fee

We have a minimum fee of $50.00.

How We Charge

9 AM - 8 PM:   Residential Install and Commercial Equipment Service :  $50.00 / half hour.

  • Over time rate add  $50 trip fee.

Basic Install equipment : $100.00 

 10% off of labor Discounts for:

  •  Senior Citizens
  •  Multiple Appliances
  •  Veterans


Every Day Low Pricing

The company features no extra charges for Evenings, Same day service or Holidays. Despite our large company size and status we are still your neighborhood appliance repair company and by operating locally our customers will never pay for any travel charges.

Calculating Average Repair Cost

Using our statistics, collected over many years of service, we are able to offer you the average repair cost of repairing appliances with problems similar to yours. 

Appliance repair cost graph
TYPE Age Average repair cost with parts
Washer 7 $135
Refrigerator 7 $185
Microwave 7 $160
Oven 7 $145
Dishwasher 7 $175
Dryer 7 $145

Discounts and Coupons

We feature a number of discounts and coupons that include, 10% off of labor for Senior Citizens and Multiple Appliances.

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Major Credit Cards

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